This is a teaser for “Demonographia Hypnagogica”, the first upcoming element from the Expanded Universe of “Frances the Dreamer”.
It will be a bestiary depicting and explaining the different “demons” and entities that inhabit this universe, published in a regular basis. Hopefully it will feature art from guest artists and friends (and tumblrfellas too! <3 )

Soon more info! Meanwhile here we are, creating (invoking!) more creaturessss!

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dis heufzehn chimaera

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another pic of Stray Cowboy Bunoaventura! hopefully it will be printed in the middle of the next year! :)

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Another “Günther the Nekrophiliak” pic! last (necrophiliac) bastion of mankind in a world filled with zombies! now that’s luck!

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Got tired of looking for wallpaper.

Created one quickly.

Sharing n’stuff.

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Fallout NV - Arcade Gannon by ~lilibombe on deviantART

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WIP 6 Eridan

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Homestuck - Karkitten

I’ve been thinking about ideas for a Homestuck fancomic (or doujinshi for those of you who are manga-inclined) Cartoony is really not my strength but it’s something I really enjoy. I think it would not be reasonable to go sequential with my current style. Probably something Dave/Karkat ¬.¬

Enjoy this little doodle meanwhile :)

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Dat cool boy.

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